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4 Responses to “[SOLD OUT]$1.79 (Reg. $8.99) Heated Sonic Eye Massager! Clip 30% Q”

  • jane May 25, 20192:12 am

    Was able to get coupon code, but the item is not available after clicking link to amazon. Thank you qpanion for your wonderful deals but if you have time, can you please explain how your website and ig works? The new website is confusing. I saw this deal first on IG, but can’t be found on your website without going through the linktree. Thank you

  • jane May 25, 20192:13 am

    also, why does it say June 20, 2019 on your website for this deal, it’s only may? so confusing =(

  • jane May 25, 20192:14 am

    didn’t work.

  • Michelle805 May 25, 20194:46 am

    30% Q was gone but code gave 50% off the $8.99 price


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